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Event Booklet
This forum aims to provide a platform for the government officials, university researchers, and major industry professionals to share the views on the government policy, the latest development and the newly developed applications in Building Information and Modelling (BIM) in different aspects. The theme of this year BIM Forum is "Unlock the Power of Innovative Solutions for Smart Building Construction Techniques".  Professionals, young engineers and other stakeholders are welcome to join this event.
The BIM Forum was successfully held in the past few years. The Chairman and Members of Organising Committee would like to give a vote of thanks to all speakers, participants, supporting organisations. We trusted that the success of BIM Forum depends on your participation.

In 2022, BIM Forum 2022- 'Building by Smart and Innovative Techniques' was delivered via Webinar, the forum provided with a great platform for participants to explore the latest technologies and applications in Building Information Modeling (BIM), which fundamentally changed the Construction Industry nowadays.
BIM_2019.9.21_223 edited.jpg
The Chairman and the Committees of the Organizing Committee wish you all have good health, happiness and a successful year. We hope can see you again in the coming IET BIM Forum 2023.
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